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World of Wearable Arts

Its not hard to see why people travel far and wide to come to Wellington's World of Wearable Art (WOW) shows each year in October. It's a visual and creative extravaganza of epic proportions in a packed & buzzing event centre set to booming music. ...... View post


Wearing White White. It's supposed to be a key colour this Spring/Summer 2013 in the fashion world. It can be a tricky colour to wear. Some people LOVE it and others run a mile. That's me down the road there. I had my colour epiphany with white. Swapp...... View post

First Impressions

First impressions When you walk into a room, how long does it take someone to form an impression of you? If you guessed 3 seconds, you would be right. Yes, it's completely true. In that time, based on your appearance and body language the people you mee...... View post

NZ Art Show

Purchase an original New Zealand Artwork of your dreams Surrounding ourselves with art or being involved with art, either as an artist or simply appreciating art, can add a richness to our lives, helping shape us and satisfy us emotionally and physically...... View post

Gold Awards Fashion

Gold Awards Fashion Another year and another excuse to dress up for the Gold Awards, which were held smack bang in what will always be known as 'that storm of Winter 13' in Wellington. I tried to focus on the fashion, I really did but there proved to ...... View post

Karen Anslow

Jazz artist, Karen Anslow and her three piece band were on form when they performed for a full house at the eccentric but temporary Bats Theatre in Ghuznee Street as part of the Wellington Jazz Festival.... View post

Hiding out during winter

Hiding out during winter Many people say they find Winter dressing much easier. Much easier to hide certain body parts they giggle. Whenever I hear the word 'hide' I have to grimace. The reason is that 9/10 times, the body part you are trying to hide i...... View post

Trelise Cooper

It is always with a frission of excitement that I open an email invitation from the Trelise Cooper Wellington Store. I always have an amazing time and last weeks Winter 2013 collection in conjunction with support of The Catwalk Spinal Injury Trust was out...... View post

Madame Butterfly

Madame Butterfly perfect gift for Mothers Day New Zealand Opera’s production of Puccini’s Madame Butterfly opened in Wellington on Saturday 11 May at the St James Theatre, and was the perfect present for all the mothers in the audience. The o...... View post

Wellington Fashion Week

Last years inaugural Wellington Fashion Week went incredibly well and the event's Creative Director Cameron Sneddon is back with his team to do it all again next week. I asked Cameron what people can expect this year and what he thinks is great about liv...... View post

Autumn and Winter Trends

On your marks, get set, TEXTURE! That's right, this Autumn/Winter 13, one of the biggest trend is going to be having interesting fabrics in your wardrobe, and combining them! For instance, tweed and sheer fabrics will be popular, as will adding fake fur...... View post

HOME in the Fringe

I've been looking forward to seeing Home / The Hilarious Comedy About How I Nearly Killed Myself / A Play About How I Nearly Died But Didn't Then Learned A Lot About Life Afterward in the Fringe Festival for months, and I was not disappointed. The play...... View post

How short is short

How short is too short when you are wearing shorts? Can you say that really fast? While that sounds like a tongue twister, it is also a question many women ask themselves each summer. Before we get to the nitty gritty of lengths, one of the key elements ...... View post

Picks of the Fringe

PICKS OF THE FRINGE It's that time of year again - the highlight on the calendar for many of Wellington's thespians, performers, arts fans and cultured types: the Fringe Festival. As per usual, my top picks of the Fringe have been dreamt up and produc...... View post

Perfect Party Dresses

Perfect Party Dresses What is the perfect party dress? There isn't one in particular I'm afraid because we all have different colouring and body shapes. It has been written that everyone needs a LBD (little black dress) In my opinion, I don't believe ...... View post

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WOW is a visual and creative extravaganza of epic proportions

Wearing White, Why Wouldn't You? Plenty of reasons

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