Perfect Party Dresses

Perfect Party Dresses

What is the perfect party dress? There isn't one in particular I'm afraid because we all have different colouring and body shapes. It has been written that everyone needs a LBD (little black dress) In my opinion, I don't believe this for one second.

In the past I have talked about the myths of black - being the be-all-and-end-all of slimming - and it's downfall if you don't suit it on your skin (you may look tired and older). So much better to go with something that suits you than fall back on this antiquated saying.

The main aim of a party dress is to make you feel a million bucks. You are out at an event, be it a Xmas party, a wedding, a birthday or fancy party. You want to walk in the room knowing that you can enjoy the event to the fullest because you look and feel fantastic. Never is it more important to feel good in your own skin than when you are in a social situation with people you do and don't know.

Dresses continue to be a current fashion favourite and have been for the past two years. We have seen hemlines go up and down, become raggedy, tulip shaped, A-lined, fitted and frilly. This season there is a little bit of everything, which is idea as we all suit something different.

I'm going to answer two questions which I hope will help you choose a safe dress option.

Q. Should I have a high or low neckline?

A. If in doubt go lower (above cleavage line), this will always be more flattering than a higher neckline on someone with a) short neck b) larger chest or c) broader shoulders.

Q. So many dresses are sleeveless and I hate my arms. What to wear?

A. HEAPS of pretty, sparkly or mesh boleros and tie cardigans are around to help with this.

A dress is simple, without need for excessive co-ordination like separates. It is feminine and with the variety of shapes around, there is one to suit you. Choose a great colour and shape, add accessories and voilà! A big confident smile and you DO look a million bucks!

Trudi Bennett is director of Wardrobe Flair and can be contact on

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