How short is short

How short is too short when you are wearing shorts? Can you say that really fast? While that sounds like a tongue twister, it is also a question many women ask themselves each summer.

Before we get to the nitty gritty of lengths, one of the key elements of a good pair of shorts is the shape. This is first and foremost. A good pair of shorts sits comfortably and is shaped over your thighs to either skim or fit, depending on your shape.

Spring/Summer 2012/13 has had some excellent styles in shorts. This season the curvy ladies of NZ need not shake their fists at the trend makers. If this is you, a pair of slightly wider straights, or on-trend Bermuda style is the way to go, or a snug fit over the thighs and a little kick out the bottom of the shorts will create balance similar to what the bootcut-style jean does.

There are two factors that determine the length of your shorts. Your age and height. Those who consider themselves to be more vertically challenged than others need to go slightly shorter. This gives the illusion of longer legs. However you do have to balance this with age appropriateness and how that fits for your size and body shape.

Lastly, lets talk about knees. I meet a lot of women who hate exposing them. So if you are medium to taller in height, a good pair of shorts that sit just below the knee can be a sure-fire winner. But do make sure the shorts finish exactly just below the knee, in the slimmest part of the leg. Don't let them be any longer or you will shorter your legs and it is a much frumpier look.

My favourite shorts this season have been my denim shorts. No Daisy Dukes here people, but a good length and I love the fact that they go with everything because they are denim.

Summer is on it's way out, but as a practical summer staple, make sure you pick up some great shorts this season to see you through for next year. Remember fashion and trends mean nothing unless the style suits you!


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