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Lobsters at Circa until 4 November 2017

Reviewed by Tilda Bostwick

What a wild ride! I had to google ‘Salvador Dali and Lobsters’ after the show to get some context!

And yes, he had a thing about lobsters and famously made a telephone with a lobster on the hand-piece.

What a show, a wonderful juxtaposition of three superb dancers, older woman /  lobster / night club singer -  and an incredible soundtrack (recorded and live musician with piano, theramin and sax).

It was a packed theatre, with a very excited and happy audience. A brilliant show; original, exuberant and dynamic, multi-layered and humorous  - I could watch it all over again! 

About Lobsters

Director: Lucy Marinkovich and Miranda Manasiadis

Choreography: Lucy Marinkovich

Company: Borderline Arts Ensemble

NZ Premiere!

Humour, Sensuality and Surprise. The omnipotence of our dreams colliding with our realities

Circa Two
21 Oct – 4 Nov

Tues – Sat 7.30pm
Sun 4.30pm

Run time = 65 mins (no interval), $25 and $35

With special thanks to Creative New Zealand and Wellington City Council

Inspired by the images and manifestos of The Surrealists, Lobsters seduces us into a world of humour, eccentricity, sensuality and the surreal. This is a place where we are expert at both disguising and exposing our most secret of selves. In Lobsters, the performers seek out deep human connection and inner truth, but instead experience a series of misses, near-misses, collapses, and implosions.

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Lobsters at Circa - a review

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