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  • Written by: Paul Alexander
  • Directed by: Wilson Milam
  • Circa One
  • 06 June − 20 June

Review by Tilda Bostwick

This play is an incredible glimpse into the world of Sylvia Plath, written for Angelic Page by Paul Alexander. Angelica (Torn) as she was known then, was bought to New Zealand by the same philanthropists 10 years ago - to rave reviews, the original poster is up in Circa. 

Seeing a play that has been performed by the same actor for so long means that it is really part of her being, some lines feel like they have been inhaled, then thrown away, often with a feeling of drunkenness judging from the pretend wine swigging.

The staging is very simple (the same for both of the plays Angelica is performing at Circa) and the strewing around of beautiful antique books that she would lovingly pick up and re-stack was a lovely touch. 

Angelica is a fine actress, so natural and believable, we are so taken into Sylvia’s world, her history, her life and her pain that when the end is nigh I wanted to leap on stage; save the children, turn the stove off and kill Ted, instead I rushed home and did some serious Google research into the life and times!

About Edge

Set in 1963 on the day of Sylvia Plath’s death,Edge presents the self-told story of the troubled poet and author of The Bell Jar, The Colossus, Ariel and the Pulitzer-Prize winning Collected Poems. Having achieved international success in Australia, New Zealand and the United States, and following its sold-out season in London, this spellbinding show is not to be missed.

Award-winning actress Angelica Page is a lifetime member of the legendary Actors Studio in New York. She has a career spanning two decades working in theatre, film and television.

“… a resurrected Sylvia Plath… the showcase of a lifetime” – New York Times

Edge at Circa

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