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Choreoco - Just Bet-Ween Us



6 top dancers, wonderful sound/lighting and choreography by Claire O'Neil. 

Themes of competition, reward and punishment, gambling, making choices and consequences.  At times it felt like theatre sports for dance with quick-fire random competitions between the dancers at the roll of a dice. 

There were beautiful sweeping or tussled times when the company came together as a whole or in separate groups. The individual dancers were all superb and had many chances to impress us with their particular style and it was a lovely bookend touch to have them on stage (dancing!) while the audience entered and left.

I felt that the audience could have participated more - we needed the invitation! 

Choreographer: Claire O’Neil

Performers: six dancers on short term contract selected from Choreolab 2015: Jeremy Beck, Jose Archer, Tess Hall, Xin Ji, Mark Semple and Melena Khabazi

Choreoco - Just Bet-Ween Us

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