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Tricky subject is an absorbing play


Seed - On at Circa

Reviewed by Tilda Bostwick

If you enjoy a good social romp with fast paced gags a la Roger Hall, then you will love Seed. Writer Elizabeth Easther has done an incredible job of turning the tricky subject of women's in/fertility and its associated drama into an excellent play that is both funny, thought provoking and accessible. The tight direction by Kerryn Palmer and excellent staging make it flow seamlessly.

The brilliant cast of four women; Amy Tarleton, Emily Regtien, Holly Shanahan and Tess Jamieson-Karaha form two sets of friends whose friendships sadly do not survive the vicissitudes of "I can't, its so easy for you" and "I don't want to be, you want it desperately".

The crazy glue that holds it all together is the remarkable Jamie McCaskill who plays everyone's husbands, ex husbands, boyfriends, doctors, a patient and even the Russian ad agency secretary - all with believable hilarity. Yes there is simulated sex, but its been ordered by the fertility clinic so it has definitely lost its spark!

Redistribution of babies (like wealth) is a great idea but no-one actually wants to do it, especially not these middle class women with good jobs!  Beware though - the age old outcomes and prejudices surrounding in/fertility will engender robust discussion long after the play has finished.

Seed. Recommended! On at Circa until Saturday 14 February.

Tricky subject is an absorbing play

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