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Wellington Workshop The Trinity Key The Future Of Reiki Healing



11 minutes ago, Sat 08 May 2021, 10:00 am - 5:00pm


GKS Holism
68 Marewa Road


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Graham Sim

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Have you been feeling like making your passion into a part-time endeavour?
Looking for a hobby that will allow you to keep connected to others whilst being of service?
This Workshop will demonstrate a process that has a 100% success rate in healing the mind, body and soul. Whilst enhancing your self-belief and confidence to start changing yourself from within.
Watch how your abundance increases in your life in line with your positive intentions and compassion for yourself.

Here is an opportunity to invest in yourself and change your life, all for a bargain $350.00
Initial $50.00 deposit to secure your space.
Remaining $300.00 to be paid by 30th October.
You have the choice to pay whatever amount by this date.
Lunch included on both days.
Sorry, no refunds available.

This is a 2-day workshop teaching Level 1 and Level 2 Trinity Key healing incorporating traditional Reiki. The course will be run by 2 Certified Reiki Masters from GKS Holism Ltd.

What you will receive:
Level 1 Trinity Key Certificate (Self-Healing)
Level 2 Trinity Key Certificate (Distance Healing)
Level 1 Reiki Certificate (Self-Healing)
Level 2 Reiki Certificate (Distance Healing)
Level 1 & 2 Trinity Key Booklet
Level 1 Trinity Key Enhanced Attunement symbols CHO-KU-REI
Level 2 Trinity Key Enhanced Attunement symbol HON-SHA-ZA-

The course will be focusing on using the technique of the Trinity Key method, which encompasses the union of Mind, Body and Soul. The Trinity Key method will use the energy meridians as a human template to demonstrate how implementing this process is guaranteed to bring all energy centres into alignment and flow, allowing you to live your life to your optimum potential.
We will be delving into the reasons why traditional Reiki has only focused on healing the physical, which results in temporary healing with no lasting effects. Whereas the Trinity Key method will be looking at the deeper-rooted insecurities that filter through our belief systems and conditioning are keeping us stuck in physical illness.

In level 1 (Self-Healing) we give you the knowledge of how you can selfheal on a personal level.
You will become aware of how our energy is transmuted to different topics of our storyline, leaving us to make a choice to give our energy away or learn to set boundaries. When we choose to give our energy away we feel depleted and stagnant in our energy centres.

Why do we choose to give energy away?
We give energy away due to our emotional attachments to parts of our storylines, which is resulting from our conditioned thought patterns learnt from our past.
By using the Trinity Key method and identifying the underlying fear in the storyline, we can then discover the emotion attached to that particular fear. With using the key that represents all judgements we hold on ourselves; we can become aware of the judgement which is attached to the self-esteem. Through honest expression and trust in ourselves, we can verbally hear our own judgements and choose to rewrite the limiting belief system to one that positively influences our lives. This process will result in releasing emotional trauma and healing physical illness at a deep cellular level.

In level 2 ( Distance Healing) we will be focusing on how we then use the knowledge learnt in Trinity Key Level 1 and how we extend from ourselves to heal others on a mind, body and soul basis.
The Trinity Key Level 2 incorporates a lot of practical exercises allowing you to put all that you have learned into action.

Book now limited spaces.

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