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28 Days A Period Piece


Reviewed by Tilda Bostwick for the Fringe Festival

OMG! very very silly and very funny!

The 'ladies' of Discharge Collective have written a piece to tour schools about the joys of womanhood - really periods are fun for everyone (yeah right!), umm no, they are not and so there is a cast rebellion. Cue all the language and metaphors around periods (aunty flo visiting, on the rag etc) as well as the myths, the legends, the facts, the shame, the emotional roller-coaster and all the stuff we don't talk about. But here they do, and sing about it, oh and create a new and more honest show right before our very eyes!

Its an all singing, all dancing affair with a cast of characters that include a couple of goodie-goods who can't say 'menstruate', the stroppy dyke, the scientist, the ace tap dancer and the bluffer. The costumes are great (lots of red) with pads featuring heavily, personal favourite the life-sized tampon.  

Go on, its a bit cringey, well its personal isn't it? But bloody good on them for doing something so very silly and different to showcase their obvious talents, support them please!

Visit the website for details about the FRINGE and events.

28 Days A Period Piece

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