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The main access from Wellington's central city to the wonderful suburb of Hataitai is through Mt Victoria via the traffic tunnel or drive, cycle, walk or jog the scenic route from Oriental Bay or Evans Bay. When traveling by bus, you are likely to travel through the Mt Victoria bus tunnel.

The suburb has been named Hataitai for over 100 years after the Hataitai Land Company was formed in 1901 to sell sections on the hillsides north from Waitoa Road. This historic Wellington suburb displays wonderful examples of colonial villas and is a well maintained and safe neighbourhood.

Hataitai boasts wonderful facilities including a medical centre, pharmacy, library, schools, parks, sports and outdoor centres and is in walking distance to beaches, pools and town belt walkways.

The retail area at the intersection of Waitoa Road and Moxham Avenue is the busy suburb’s centre and offers a smorgasbord of restaurants and take away outlets. It’s not only the residents of Hataitai who enjoy the great choice on offer, many Wellingtonians will travel to Hataitai for their favourite fish and chips, kebab, burger or Indian.

In fact, Hataitai is a foodie’s destination. Come to Hataitai and sample a taste.

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Place: Hataitai
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